New revolutionary wallet – Argent wallet

Some of you might have heard about the Argent Wallet, but in case you haven’t yet, here’s what it is, why it’s a revolution for blockchain and how to access it early.

If you have a “golden ticket” to spare, please share it as a comment.

The Argent wallet is a mobile wallet (iOS, Android), Ethereum only, with a great UX and super easy access to defi:

  • When setting up the app you get a free ENS username for easy transactions. No long and complex public key.
  • You can access defi and interact with several smart contracts with just a click. This includes earning interests from Compound, more to come soon™.
  • Transaction fees are not even visible in the app and are fully paid for by Argent. 100% free to use.
  • It’s a smart contract wallet which allows special features such as setting a maximum daily transfers, or allowing only specific dapps.
  • Since it’s a smart contract wallet, it allows a new kind of fund recovery in case you lose access. You can set trusted contacts (friends, family) that will allow you to recover what’s in your account. No seed phrase to write down.
  • Fiat on-ramp is apparently already available on iOS, and soon™ on Android.

As you can see, most of the complexity that currently slows down onboarding on blockchain, Ethereum and defi has been completely abstracted away.

For blockchain’s potential to reach the masses, getting rid of all the complexity is a mandatory requirement and they absolutely nailed it.

It may not be the wallet advanced users will choose but your mom will certainly love it.

In order to use the app today, there’s a waiting line so a “golden ticket” (early access token) is needed. Each account created receives 3 tickets so I created this post to invite anyone who has a ticket to spare to share it as a comment.


I’m not affiliated with them in any way, and wouldn’t recommend putting all your funds on the wallet. Instead, just give it a try with spare change, it’s really great.

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