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FCA Sets £10,000 Registration Fee for Crypto Businesses

The regulator previously suggested a flat fee of £5,000.

Exclusive: IOTA Co-Founder Responds to Embezzlement Accusations

David Sønstebø answered to co-founder Sergey Ivancheglo’s threats of legal action against and accusations of...

MAS Green Lights iSTOX for Full Operation

The platform will tokenize unlisted companies, along with other assets.

South Korean Crypto Wallet Bitberry to Shut Services

The platform failed to gain financial reinforcements from its sister company.

Bermuda’s Fintech Advisor Envisions a Crypto-Enabled Future

Denis Pitcher hopes that the country’s decision to accept digital dollars could bridge Bermuda’s economy...

Zebpay Re-Enters India After a Year in Exile

The exchange shut its operations in the country due to unclear regulations.

Twitter Adds Bitcoin Emoji: Dorsey’s Latest Show of Support for BTC

The CEO & co-founder of Twitter has long been a major advocate for Bitcoin.

Crypto Capital Co-Founder Rejects Plea Deal

He refused to forfeit $371 million held in more than 50 bank accounts.

Kraken Says Trezor Wallets Can be Hacked in 15 Minutes

Criminals could mass-produce a consumer-friendly glitching device that could be sold for about $75, Kraken...

  • February 4, 2020
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Luxembourg’s Regulator Warns on False Regulation of Crypto Bull

The announcement also reveals that the company has published false data about its alleged headquarters.